Dissemination activities are a key feature of Marie Curie fellowships.

The fellowship’s main communication goal will be to raise awareness on the following, often ignored, issues, with the hope of inspiring further research as well as policy and legal changes across the EU: local communities can be important allies in the protection of the environment; if well-framed, local community rights may be costly but beneficial for the whole of society and the environment; the protection of the environment cannot rely solely on protected areas – it need to build also on sustainable uses and their links with local cultural and social practices.

In order to raise awareness and to equally share the benefits of my research with local communities and other involved participants, I will calibrate my outreach and communication activities to the type of audiences (school pupils, general public, rightholders, youth engaged in, or interested in, environmental issues) – concentrating on more or less specific topics (such as for example, local communities rights vs what is the Anthropocene).

The following outreach and communication activities are being organized.