Marie Skłodowska Curie fellowships are a case of opportunities that the European Commission offers to researchers willing to pursuit their research careers in a EU country (European Fellowships) or outside Europe (Global Fellowships).

They are a beacon to follow for any PhD student desiring to continue to work in academia (though not only!). The prospect to focus on one’s research, surrounded by experts of your field, in a country and institution of your choice is so wonderful that it gives you the strength to go through a long and tiring application process. Two (or three for Global Fellowships) years of funded research with no compulsory teaching duties and plenty of freedom to orientate your activities towards topics, conferences, workshops, and dissemination actions are an experience hardly offered by any other scheme.

Personally, it took me almost three years to obtain the fellowship – a first year with a not submitted draft, a second of failure, and a third of unexpected victory – a lot of hard work and a mountain of support from my supervisor and host institution. I know that not everyone has the opportunity to spend so much time on an application and the luck of finding such a supporting and competent future host. But I wish every willing researcher to be able to and to try her/his chances for such a wonderful fellowship.

For those interested in applying, or in supporting a possible applicant, here is the link to the European Commission application page.

I also suggest you to explore the Marie Curie National Contact Points of your country of origin and destination.