Saskia Vermeylen

Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance (SCELG), University of Strathclyde

Saskia Vermeylen is a socio-legal scholar researching property in 4 distinctive but related areas of property law and ethics: (i) Tangible and intangible property of semi-nomadic hunter gatherers, this work has been mainly developed around legal anthropology and her work has developed new understandings of legal pluralism and customary law of indigenous peoples; (ii) Property theory/ethics, Saskia is the first property scholar using the work of Emmanuel Levinas to develop a new Levinasian based property theory around the idea of property as generosity; (iii) Property frontiers, in this body of work she critiques the extension of liberal property discourses into new and accelerated property regimes with a specific focus on outer space and the deep seabed; (iv) Materialities of property, this area of research engages methodologically with feminist posthumanism, eco-philosophy and speculative philosophy which is applied to new property regimes in the area of microbes and fugitive natural resources. Her methodological framing is quite unique as Saskia’s research combines ethnography, cultural studies, and philosophy.